One of the best bands you may or may not have heard is coming to Columbia as part of The Blue Note's 9th Street Summerfest concerts.

I'm talking about Austin's psychedelic soul band Black Pumas fronted by singer/songwriter Eric Burton and guitarist Adrian Quesada. If you look at the group's "Black Pumas" Deluxe Edition CD or LP set cover art, I'm not sure it's a match to what comes out of the speakers.

In my mind it's kind of like when you hear Jack Black's character Barry start to sing at the record release party in "High Fidelity". What his band plays, is completely something I didn't expect. Which is what happened when James at Jammin' Nuggets Music put on the Black Pumas record in his store.

If you listen to Top 40, rock or a hipster type radio station you've probably heard the group's songs "Colors". They've also been on Ellen's show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, most of the other late night talk shows and Austin City Limits. And they've been nominated for a few Grammy Awards too. (Wikipedia)

I mention all this to point out this isn't some hot, new, band I'm turning you on to. If anything I'm late to the party finding these guys.

My point is, despite airplay on the radio, appearances on a morning news show, a music show, and most of the late night shows I didn't know who these guys were until a couple of months ago. And you might have missed it too.

Psychedelic soul is an apt description for Black Pumas. The album's a great listen. And one I think my wife, my Mom, and my snobby music buddy would all enjoy. Here's what few of their album reviews say:

The Austin-based duo don’t shy away from signifiers of the past, conjuring the sounds of the late 1960s and early 1970s without succumbing to pure nostalgic pandering. -Pitchfork


When you listen to the band’s debut album, ‘Black Pumas’, it’s not hard to understand why their appeal is so universal; their sound is the middle point between Motown and East Coast Hip Hop – a marriage of masterful production and iconic melodies that manages to be both classy and current. 

The group recently brought full capacity shows back to their home town of Austin, Texas and this is was from the review of that show from the Austin-American Statesman:

With a fervent belief in the power of love undiminished by a year in lockdown, there was no better band to coax back into the world a group of music fans who have spent a year tethered to their couches. Black Pumas’ catalog is loaded with songs about chasing dreams, embracing love and living to your full potential.

What I'm saying is, if you're looking for a fun show to see that's happening not that far from us, see these guys at Columbia's Summerfest on 9th Street this summer. Tickets are $35.00, and I suspect it might be the only time you'll get to see them for $35.00. The show is all ages, and I think whether you know their music or not, you're going to enjoy the night.


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