With the Missouri State Fair calling Sedalia home for the better part of August, it's easy to forget all the concerts playing in Missouri throughout the summer. I get it—for many of us, The Missouri State Fair is where we'll probably see one or two of the biggest shows of the year. Yet, as great as the Missouri State Fair's concert lineup is this year, there are still plenty of acts coming to the area all summer!

The latest big concert news involves The Rolling Stones playing the new Thunder Ridge Nature Arena in Ridgedale on Sunday, July 21. I bet some of you already have your tickets to this show. I'm making the trek to see the Stones at Soldier Field in Chicago later this month.

One of the things I like about living in West Central Missouri is that I can see shows in many different places. The closest big city to see shows in is Kansas City. Yet, heading to St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, or Chicago to see a show isn't out of the realm of possibility either.

There will be no shortage of shows coming to Missouri this June. From Chris Stapleton's two Missouri shows to Oliver Anthony playing the Ozarks and Janet Jackson and Nelly playing at the shed outside St. Louis, there's something for everyone who loves music in Missouri. Keep scrolling to see all the big concerts scheduled.

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