When Tyson Foods makes the news, it is news around here, since Tyson is one of the area's larger employers. So while I'd largely dismiss a story like this, it's worth clearing the air in this case. If for nothing more, it makes fans of Elon Musk who enjoy Tyson's foods eat with a clear conscience.

According to Reuters, the story floating around social media that Elon Musk has called for a boycott of Tyson Foods is false. It originated from a website called SpaceXMania, which is "your go-to source for the latest space news and hilarious satirical commentary."

In other words, it's a website that's poking fun at a lot of stuff. Since it has a space theme, they write a lot of headlines that poke fun at the billionaire entrepreneur, the CEO of SpaceX. None of them, or at least the majority have any basis in reality. It's a joke. Satire.

Yet in this world where sometimes real news seems like satire, and many don't let the facts get in the way, it isn't surprising that quotes like this get out onto the internet. Memes get made. And just like one gigantic game of telephone, it seems plausible that Elon Musk cares about what Tyson Foods is doing.

Look, maybe Elon Musk is leaning over his sink eating a hastily made fried chicken sandwich with a Tyson chicken patty fresh out of his air fryer and he's thinking about the meat producer. It's possible, but I doubt it. He's got rockets to launch, trucks to fix, and people to irritate with his ownership of X, formerly Twitter.

So I doubt he's thinking about Tyson's operation anywhere, including here in Sedalia. It's apparent some of us, though, could use a little brushing up when it comes to separating fact from fiction. Satire's no fun when you're not in on the joke.

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