Don't look now, but you'll be paying more when you fill up at the gas pump this weekend.

I was shocked after coasting into the Murphy Mart on fumes in Warrensburg after work last night and saw the cost of a gallon of gas.  I believe I paid $3.22 a gallon last night. That's the most I've paid for gasoline in a while. Worse, I was almost out of gas and had to fill the tank which cost me about $40.

Now I know it's spring and this is the time of year they switch the gasoline blend to the summer formula, which always causes a temporary increase in the price. Yet I thought that caused the price to jump a couple of weeks ago.

So I decided to do a little bit of research to see what's causing the gas price increases now. According to AAA Gas Prices, demand and increases in the cost of a barrel of oil are driving higher prices.

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AAA Gas Prices says a barrel of oil costs about $10 more per barrel than a few months ago. Combine that with longer days, better weather, and more people wanting to get out and about, gasoline demand is up too. So yeah, more demand and higher oil prices are driving higher prices at the pump.

AAA Gas Prices says Missouri is one of ten states that have seen the largest increases in gas prices over the last week. The only state where gas prices have risen more than Missouri, is Ohio. Ohio saw gas prices rise 28 cents, while Missouri saw gas prices go up 27 cents.

As of this writing, the average gas price in Missouri is $3.19 a gallon, about 20 cents cheaper than the national average price of gas which is $3.39.

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