With the weather getting warmer, and the school year ending, many families and older teens might want to make tracks to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City. For a few years as a teenager, a trip to the theme park was a must for my friends and me, of course back then the process was a lot more low-tech and cheaper. Want to make the most of your trip to Worlds of Fun Oceans of Fun? One park insider has some tips that he says will turn an average trip, into a spectacular trip.

This park insider is none other than Sean Cunniff, Worlds of Fun Oceans of Fun Public Relations & Communications Manager. If there's someone who is in the know about how to have the perfect visit, it's the guy whose job it is to tell the story of why you should go to his theme park.

He says the first step is downloading the Worlds of Fun app. Why? Your park tickets will be on the app. Park information is on the map. And it's also your source of information if there's an emergency while you're at the park. You can also buy your tickets and any amenities and extras on the app.

Second, make sure the date you want to visit the park, is a date the park is operating. The last thing you want to do is get to the park and find Snoopy outside holding a sign telling you the park's closed for a private event, or some other reason. You can prevent your own Clark Griswald meltdown just by making sure the park is open. You can do that here.

Third, and this is most important, Cunniff says to picture the visit you want to have in your mind. As a group when we headed to the park, we kind of lined out how we wanted to attack our day. What rides did we want to ride? What rides did we want to avoid? What were we thinking about for food? Did we want to get wet? Did we want to get out of the heat and see a show? How could we accomplish these things easily?

Of course, theme parks have changed so much from my day. These days you have not only the theme park but the water park. How will you split your day? Do you need a cabana at the waterpark? Do you want any souvenirs like pictures? Or need a place to stash some of your stuff? Do you want those passes that get you to the front of the line quicker? There are lots of amenities for families at Worlds of Fun Oceans of Fun and a lot of these amenities can be found on... you guessed it... the App.

If you have kids in your party that might not be tall enough to ride some rides or have members in your party who might not be able to safely ride some rides. You can find that out on the app ahead of time. That might beat the disappointment of learning you can't ride when getting to the front of the line.

I have one last piece of advice to add. A trip to the theme park should be fun. Don't sweat it. Have that plan of attack, but don't forget to stop and smell the roses. Get that picture with Snoopy. Enjoy that ice cream cone. Laugh at how you screamed on that roller coaster. And stay hydrated. I guess that's two pieces of advice. Anyway, have fun.

Worlds of Fun opens Saturday, April 30, and operates on weekends until daily operation begins Monday, June 6. Oceans of Fun opens Saturday, May 28. 

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