Walking through a vintage car show, you can't help but notice just how different old cars feel. Hop in one and you realize that they're built like tanks (or boats, as we used to say) but somehow, they also feel oddly futuristic.

Your Dashboard Has Never Been More Complicated

When I was recently upgrading my own ride, I realized just how complicated new cars have become—and I consider myself a bit of a tech-head. The sales associate offered to give me a crash course in all the features.

There were so many that I told him I'd rather just look up everything on YouTube when I get home. Turns out, that's pretty common.

From Old to New: Dashboards
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(Sidenote: On my way home from the dealership, I had to pull over and watch a YouTube video just to figure out how to get my speedometer to show up on the dashboard.)

They Might Be Gone, But Some Car Features Were Pretty Neat

It got me thinking about the cars I grew up with in the '70s and my own clunker collection from throughout the years. They seemed totally normal back then, but now, they've got this retro cool factor.

So, let's take a fun road trip down memory lane and revisit some of the old-school car features we kind of miss, even if just a little.

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