A town in Central Illinois is now the North American home for processing chocolate for this massive European Chocolate Company. They plan to make several different popular chocolate bars at their new location, here are the details...

According to an article from The Center Square, Bloomington, Illinois is now how to the first North American chocolate processing plant for the massive Ferrero Chocolate company.

In the article, they say "The company added 70,000 square feet to its existing facility and will allow the plant to produce chocolate used in products like Kinder and Butterfinger." The article goes on to mention how Ferrero Chocolate also has plants in Chicago where they make Keebler products and a plant in the suburbs of Chicago where they manufacture Baby Ruth products, to read more on the Ferrero Chocolate expansion in Bloomington, IL, click here!

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Is Illinois the Chocolate Capital of the USA?

When you consider the fact that Illinois has 3 Ferrero plants, including their only North American chocolate processing plant, with the fact that according to Chicago.gov, Illinois is also home to M&M's and Mars Chocolate plants that produce items like 3 Musketeers Bar, Snickers Bar, Mars Almond Bar, Munch Bar, and Milky Way Bar, you could argue Illinois is the Chocolate Captial of the USA. On a sad note, Chicago is losing the legendary Blomers Chocolate, the factory is set to close but the company will remain headquartered in Chicago according to Eater Chicago, for more details, click here!

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