I consider this a major upset. For years, Missouri has been considered one of the best states to live off-the-grid. No more. A new ranking claims it's Illinois that's one of the best places to live away from civilization and no longer the Show Me State.

This brand new off-the-grid ranking comes from Business Electric who apparently asked 3,000 Americans what counties are the best off-the-grid places. By off-the-grid, they mean living self-sufficient with no reliance on public utilities or services.

In their top 10 best off-the-grid counties, there's an Illinois place - Pope County

If you're not familiar with Pope County, Illinois, it's so far south in Illinois, it's almost Kentucky and it is a somewhat rustic place.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

This is an interesting choice for a best off-the-grid place as Pope County, Illinois only had a population of around 3,600 people according to Wikipedia. One of the characteristics of a great off-the-grid location is the lack of people and this Illinois county definitely checks that box.

Johnson County, Illinois is also named as the 36th best off-the-grid place. It's next door to Pope County in the same type of terrain, so not really much of a surprise. What is a shock is no Missouri counties even make the top 50. Go figure.

If you're looking to get away from it all and become a remote homesteader, it appears the Land of Lincoln is a new (and somewhat surprising) best option.

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