If you think your government is broken you may be right, a group of lawmakers in Missouri just broke a record in the Show-Me State, and there is little to show for it. Here are the details...

According to an article from Yahoo, Democratic lawmakers in Missouri just broke the state record for the longest filibuster, they filibustered for 46 hours straight.

What is a filibuster (if you don't know), a filibuster is described as "a filibuster is an attempt to delay or block a vote on a piece of legislation or a confirmation."

Why were the Democratic lawmakers filibustering? According to the Yahoo article, they say "Democrats in the Missouri Senate broke the record for the longest filibuster in the chamber’s history on Wednesday while blocking a vote on a plan to make it harder for voters to amend the state constitution." The article goes on to mention that as of now the filibuster has halted bill passing during the end of the legislative period, but they also mention that the house leader in Missouri feels confident that they will still be able to get bills passed at the end of the session, to read more about this record-breaking 46-hour filibuster from Missouri Democrats, click here!

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It is 2024, can't we do away with silly things like filibusters, gerrymandering, no term limits, and more in our government? No one I know thinks that gerrymandering and lack of term limits are GOOD for our government and therefore good for us, and yet we all go through every year and every election, and never can we get these things to change, it is annoying.

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