This little hidden gem spot in southern Illinois is just the kind of beautiful rising bluff, trickling waterfall, and jagged rock escape you've been looking for.

This place isn't a great big secret, people have been sharing its beauty for nearly a century, but it is tucked away enough that you'll likely never get caught up in a huge crowd.

Outdoor Lovers Paradise in Southern Illinois

This rugged piece of God's creation is in an area referred to as the 'Illinois Ozarks'.

Your next road trip destination is Ferne Clyffe State Park in Goreville, Illinois. Real-life 'escapees' have been walking these trails since the early 1920s.

As you might have gathered in the name of the park, it gets its name from the abundance of ferns and cliffs.

Camping, hiking, rock climbing, and fishing are all welcome at Ferne Clyffe State Park. Nearly twenty trails are carved into this park and no matter your hiking skill level, you'll find just the right path. One path in particular will lead you to what calls, "one of the best waterfall views in all of southern Illinois."

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Past visitors say the most popular (and easiest) trail called, Big Rocky Hollow, is what will lead you to the waterfall view. They say you could even bring a stroller on this trail. This trail also comes with the warning that HERE is where you'll likely encounter the largest crowd.

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Just looking at photos of Ferne Clyffe makes you want to gas up and get on the road.


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As gorgeous as this park looks in the summer, can you imagine what the fall season looks like as the leaves begin to change colors?

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