I usually don't write much about fast-food deals, but this one differs. I'm talking about the new Taste of KFC Deals the fast-food restaurant offers online.

According to the KFC app, Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering three Taste of KFC meal options. A two-piece deal, a four-piece deal, and a six-piece deal. What's surprising is how affordable the deal is.

The two-piece meal, which includes one drumstick, one thigh, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a buttery biscuit, costs $4.99 at Sedalia Kentucky Fried Chicken. The four-piece meal contains four pieces of chicken, two mashed potatoes, and two biscuits for $10.00. The six-piece meal comprises two drumsticks, thighs, breast, and wing. Sides include individual servings of coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet corn, and four biscuits for $20.00.

Any of these meals would make for a very affordable lunch or dinner for either someone dining solo or a couple looking to enjoy KFC. I mention this because the one time I went all out to bring KFC home for my girlfriend and me, it was a spendy proposition. It made me wonder why we spent so much on the chicken when we could have dined out for the same money.

I think Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering these deals for a few reasons. First, everyone's talked about how expensive fast food has gotten. KFC's never been where "cheap" and "fast food" go together, and these meals are affordable. Second, I think many folks have gravitated toward the chain's sandwiches, tenders, and nuggets—at least, I do, especially for lunch. Third, over the years, the chain's fried chicken had become what I'd call a grease bomb, and they've fixed that over the past few years.

So, the Taste of KFC promotion affordably highlights KFC's original chicken offerings to both new and returning customers. I, for one, call it delicious!

Prices for the Taste of KFC promotion that I mentioned here may vary by store. I got pricing information from the KFC app for a pickup order at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on South Limit Avenue in Sedalia.

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