Two Missouri destinations have been named some of the best places in the United States. Surprisingly, they're both in the same city that doesn't get much love.

Let's talk about St. Louis. Aside from spending the day at Six Flags over twenty years ago and attending a radio convention in St. Louis, I don't have much experience with the city. I enjoyed the day at Six Flags and hitting several of St. Louis' bars near the Gateway Arch during the convention. And yes, I'd like to go back to the Arch, see a Cardinals game, and try a St. Louis-style pizza.

To me, St. Louis looks like an exciting blue-collar, rough-around-the-edge midwestern city—a place where you can hang out and have some fun. Yet, regarding travel, St. Louis doesn't always get a good rep. People postulate that St. Louis is one of America's modern ghost townsIt's a dangerous, ugly city, but the city is an excellent place to be when you want to be alone.

That said, St. Louis isn't as bad as some make it out to be. It's one of the places people are moving to because of climate change. According to outdoor clothier Kuhl, Gateway Arch National Park is the safest national park. And you can even be a mermaid in St. Louis if that's your thing.

By now, you've probably figured out that, according to World Population Review, the two top places to visit in Missouri are in St. Louis. Those two places are the St. Louis Zoo and the Gateway Arch.

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They cite Expedia as determining the top two attractions in every state based on the number of travelers booking hotels near certain attractions and the popularity of points of interest based on search volume.

Here's what World Population Review says about the zoo and the Gateway Arch:

"If you're heading to Missouri, the St. Louis Zoo is a must-see for animal lovers. The St. Louis Zoo has over 90 acres of exhibits with hundreds of animal species and a petting zoo for the kids. While you're in St. Louis, head over to the famous Gateway Arch, the tallest human-made monument in the United States."

Visiting the Museum at the Gateway Arch is free; however, tram rides to the top of the Gateway Arch range between $11 and $19. For more information on visiting The Gateway Arch, click here. The St. Louis Zoo is open daily at 8:00 AM CDT, and admission is free. Parking does cost $20 a vehicle.

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