It was just a typical Monday over Missouri. As you were probably going about getting your work done prior to the 4th of July holiday, a massive nuclear bomber was spotted over the state, but it's fine. It's probably fine.

It was an interesting catch by NY Prepper on YouTube today as he noticed a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress flying over Missouri.

NY Prepper via YouTube/Flight Radar 24
NY Prepper via YouTube/Flight Radar 24

This massive bomber was refueling over the Ozarks of Missouri and one of his viewers shared pictorial proof at around the 3:28 mark.

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is quite a sky weapon as Wikipedia documents "the ability to carry up to 20 AGM-69 SRAM nuclear missiles". Like I said, just a typical Monday over Missouri.

Even though there are some somewhat dire events happening in the world with the ongoing war in the Ukraine, China flexing its muscle near Taiwan and what's going on in the Middle East with Israel, Iran and Lebanon, it really isn't that unusual for Missouri to have military planes like this overhead. Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska is a E-6B 'Doomsday Plane' headquarters and Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri has the stealth bomber fleet, too.

Don't let the fact that this massive nuclear bomber flew over your head today. It's fine. It's probably fine.

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