State Fair Community College (SFCC) Esports wrapped up its spring campaign.

The season was one for the record books. SFCC qualified for the national playoffs in the NJCAAE in every title that SFCC competed in except for two.

"I think our program did a phenomenal job this season," said Head Coach Jacob Coleman. "We had a good run in the fall, but we bounced back and showed growth and improvement this spring. It was a great semester."

The SFCC Rainbow Six Siege, comprised of Drake Miller, Trenton Toler, Jacob Tylar, Dakota Taylor, and Matthew Kreisler, won the National Championship in that title.

"It felt great to win another national championship in Rainbow Six Siege," said Coleman. "We were able to beat the team that knocked us out of the tournament last semester to win the national championship this semester."

The SFCC Rocket League, consisting of Wesley Albin, Jemyle Thomas, and Diego Flores-Elizalde, finished second in that title.

Daniel Ortiz qualified in FIFA and advanced to the semifinals.

The SFCC Overwatch 2 team of Trenton Hardy, Doug Tallon, Jackie Frost and Jemyle Thomas advanced to the top 32.

The SFCC Call of Duty: Warzone team of Evan Webb and Morgan Green advanced to the top 32 in the nation.

Stetson Mahin represented SFCC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and advanced to the top 64.

Even with all the success of the program, Coach Coleman believes there is always more to be accomplished.

"The program will never be where I want it to be," said Coleman. "When I get the program where I want it to be, we will have to move our goals forward. We will always be constantly chasing the future. It's a never-ending cycle of just wanting to be better. From the time that the program began, I said that I wanted to win a national championship and now we have won two of them. We just have to move the needle forward. Overall, I'm satisfied with the program, but there's always room for improvement."

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Coach Coleman is very proud of all the students in the program.

"My students put in a lot of practice and dedication," said Coleman. "We wanted to achieve big things and they put their mind to it and were able to achieve those things. I'm proud not only of our students because of our win-loss record but also of their academic performance. They all improved academically. They have really stayed focused on that and I'm really proud of all my students."

In the photo: Esports team members (from left to right): Trenton Toler, Matthew Kreisler, Drake Miller, Jacob Tylar, Dakota Taylor (not pictured)

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