The St. Louis Cardinals haven't officially announced they've signed the man who will replace legend Yadier Molina. Yet, even the Cardinals reporter for has an article talking about the team's signing.

So who will replace Molina behind the backstop? None other than former Chicago Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras. Multiple outlets including The St. Louis Post Dispatch, Yahoo! Sports, Sports Illustrated, and even are reporting the story.

Contreras and the Cardinals agreed to a five-year deal worth $87.5 million dollars according to Cardinals reporter John Denton who cites's Mark Feinsand for the information.

According to the report on the Cardinals website, Contreras was also talking to the Astros, but it was the Cardinals giving Contreras the fifth year that got him to sign with them.

While Cardinals president John Mozeliak and manager Oliver Marmol can't comment on the signing until it becomes official, the Cardinals website article says Marmol was highly impressed with the catcher's inner drive and will to win after meeting with him.

In 2022 Wilson Contreras was named to his third career All-Star team and was one of the few remaining Cubs from the 2016 World Series team. Last season the catcher and sometimes DH took on more of a leadership role with the Cubs while mentoring some of the team's younger players. He also dealt with constant trade rumors for the first half of the season, and surprisingly wasn't moved by the team at the trade deadline.

Until his signing with the Cardinals Contreras had been the longest-tenured player in the Cubs organization signing with the team out of Venezuela in 2009. This is according to the article on the Cardinals website.

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