Life can be difficult and sometimes it's the little victories that can make a difference. My little victory on Friday was getting in and out of the license office in Warrensburg in about 30 minutes. It was fairly quick, especially for the last day of the month when procrastinators like me all needed to get new tags to keep our vehicles legal. I was also treated to a few other little victories while I was hanging out and waiting in line.

First, people seemed to be making the best out of the long lines. I can't say I've ever run into people being really disgruntled about waiting to see someone at the window. Most of the time people seem in good humor, considering having to wait. Friday, though, people seemed content, almost happy. Maybe it was because it was Friday. Or the line wasn't as long as could it have been.

One of the clerks was on the phone working to solve a problem. Someone's title had come with a mistake printed on it, and she needed to get it solved. Poised and professional she kept working with the person on the line, probably in Jefferson City, to get the problem solved. She stayed pleasant, took her time explaining what the issue was to several people, and got the problem solved. She may have done a little victory dance when she solved the problem. If I had been closer to the front of the line I would have high-fived her.

A mother was there with her daughters, or maybe it was a sister and a daughter, and she was trying to get a driver's license. Now, getting a license is a little more arduous than just getting a tag or a set of plates. When she got called up to the desk to meet with the person to get her license, the woman behind the desk asked if her child liked Disney movies.

The woman indicated yes, her daughter liked The Lion King. The employee helping the woman then grabbed a remote for the television just sitting along the window. Turned on Disney + app, and put on the Lion King for the young girl to keep her entertained while mom took care of her business.

The line moved rather quickly. There are times when it seems everyone's business just takes forever when they reach the counter. I'm sure it takes less time than it seems, yet, on Friday it seemed everyone was able to take care of their business rather quickly. Once I reached the counter, they checked my insurance, and my personal property tax receipt.  Gave me my stickers, and had me out the door in two minutes. Easy peasy.

Sometimes it's the little victories. I can't speak for everyone that had business at the Warrensburg License Office on Friday morning. Yet, it seems while I was there most of us got our business handled and walked out of the office into a nice fall weekend. That felt good.

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