Husbando has been out of town the past couple of days. Nothing like being alone to make you a little sentimental. I like to talk about or read  any stories about couples and happiness and all that mushy jazz.  But with the good, comes the bad. 

I remember back when I was single. When you're single, pretty much everything your friends in relationships do is annoying . . . including stuff that SHOULDN'T be, like posting baby pictures online.  But a new survey on Babble came up with a list of their MOST annoying habits - I'm going to try my darndest to make sure Boyfriendo and I don't do these things.... I don't want to be THAT couple.

--Here are the top five things couples do that irritate single people.

#1.)  Too Much PDA. NEW couples are the worst about it.  If you've ever been around two people who just started dating . . . and you were SINGLE . . . you probably wanted to crack their heads together.

#2.)  They Use the Word "We" Too Much.  A lot of couples make it seem like they both have the same reaction to EVERYTHING.  As in "WE loved that restaurant" or "WE hated that movie."  To single people, it makes you seem like you've completely lost your independence.

#3.)  They Walk Too Slowly.  Any time you see two people walking down the street holding hands, they're always going about 25% slower than everyone else.  It's mostly irritating when you're somewhere crowded, like a mall.

#4.)  They Can't Commit to Anything without Making a Phone Call.  Whether it's a round of golf, or a girls' night out, people in relationships ALWAYS have to run it by the other person.

#5.)  Arguing in Public.  Some couples are worse than others about it, but it's something that annoys pretty much EVERYONE . . . not just single people.

Do you and your partner do any of these things?  If you're single, what kind of stuff annoys you about couples? Or hey, if you're in a relationship, what annoys you about OTHER couples?

Conciously Still-Coupling,


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