We've got your chance to win tickets to see Almost Selena at the Liberty Center here in Sedalia on Saturday night March 16 at 7:30 PM CDT.

Directly from the streets of New York City "Almost Selena is a passionate ode to the luminescent Queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla."

While Selena left this earth at the age of 23 she left a huge legacy, and her posthumous release "Dreaming of You" finally helped her crossover to a mainstream pop audience, something she had wanted to do for years.  "Dreaming of You" was a mix of both previously recorded material as well as new songs in English and Spanish. Singles from this record include  "I Could Fall in Love", "Tú Sólo Tú", "Techno Cumbia", and "Dreaming of You.

Not only did Selena impact the music world, but also influenced fashion and earned the nickname The Queen of Tejano Music, while some media outlets called her the Tejano Madonna.

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According to the Liberty Center website, "Almost Selena is a heartfelt tribute that rekindles the magic of Selena for both longstanding fans and newcomers alike" The show pays attention to detail and captures her unique sound, energy, and style that made her one of the most celebrated Mexican American performers of the late 20th Century.

Get the code every weekday just after Noon on Mix 92.3 with Behka and at about 12:15 PM with Jess on Kix 105.7!  Then come back to the app (this is an app-only contest) and enter the code here to win a pair of tickets to the concert. If you really want free tickets to the show? Earn extra entries by getting social with us too.

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