Advanced tickets for the Missouri State Fair Carnival will go on sale in July and here's how much they'll cost and where you can get them.

There are two options this year to purchase advanced tickets for the Missouri State Fair Carnival, and if your family is one that can spend the day, or the evening, at the carnival midday, you might want to take advantage of these early-bird purchase options.

Both options this year are the "ride all day" wristbands which give the wearer unlimited rides for their day or evening at the State Fair. The cost to purchase just the "ride all day" wristband is $24.00 or $34.00. The $34.00 option includes a fair admission ticket, while the first option doesn't. The first option will save the purchaser $11.00, and the second option will save the purchaser $13.00

These advanced ticket options will go on sale Friday, July 1, 2022, at 9:00 AM CDT through the Missouri State Fair website, and on-site at area Break Time stores and Orscheln Farm and Home stores.

Carnival tickets purchased during the State Fair will be priced accordingly: 

Monday - Thursday Ride All Day Wristband $30.00

Friday - Saturday Ride All Day Wristband $35.00

Final Sunday Ride All Day Wristband $17.00 (Half-Price)

Family Packs of Tickets:

5 tickets for $6.00

30 Tickets for $30.00

55 Tickets for $50.00 (this option includes a Wade Shows value book good for concession/game incentives and coupons.)

On a somewhat related note, Wade Shows is teasing a "New Super Spectacular Ride" on their Facebook page which is debuting with the show this year. Apparently, the ride will be the only "traveling model in North America." While there's no guarantee the ride will show up at the Missouri State Fair, it'd be great to see a cool new ride like this show up at the Fair.

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