Our own Missouri State Fair has made Carnival Warehouse's list of the Top 50 Fairs of 2022.

Each year since 2006 Carnival Warehouse has ranked the Top 50 Fairs of the previous year by attendance. Their list includes more than State Fairs, for example, it includes The Houston Livestock Show and Exhibition, Calgary Stampede, The Fort Worth Stock Show, and other large fair-type events.

The Missouri State Fair making their Top 50 list isn't an every-year slam dunk either. What makes the inclusion on the 2022 list special is, according to Carnival Warehouse, 2022 was a rebound year for fairs coming off of Covid-19 impacts in 2020 and 2021.

In 2022 The Missouri State Fair ranked 47 on the list and Carnival Warehouse cites an attendance of 340,031 fairgoers. The Missouri State Fair's release celebrating the success of the fair last October rounded that number to "over 340,000 fairgoers."

In celebrating the success of the Top 50 Fairs of 2022 Carnival Warehouse said generally fairs had more "record days" than "record fairs" when it came to attendance, which may have been due to attendees being more selective about what days they visited. Overall, Carnival Warehouse said the fair industry saw a rebound in both attendance and revenues in 2022, which I think bodes very well for this year's fair.

Carnival Warehouse bills itself as the carnival industry's most comprehensive source for carnival, fair, and festival information.

This year's Missouri State Fair runs from Thursday, August 10 - Sunday, August 20, and the theme is "Where Traditions Grow". Keep Scrolling to see all of the smiling faces from the last two years of the Missouri State Fair.

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