Folks, as you know, there are always a lot of different organizations that are out there raising money at any given time. Most of us, though, do like to focus our efforts locally.

Here's where a new idea comes in. Or, well, I guess I should say it sounds new. At least to me. I mean, the name of the event isn't super new, I know the idea of "breaking bread" is in the Bible. Anyway, this event is called "Break Bread, Raise Hope", and it's being organized by the Open Door. It's a ways off, but I wanted to tell you now so you can plan ahead and mark your calendars, all that jazz. So, what is it?

The Break Bread, Raise Hope Benefit will be an evening for donors to come together and help raise funds for Open Door and our mission in Pettis County. We will have a catered meal, several games, entertainment, and a silent auction. Open Door is well known and respected in our community. People love our mission and support us any way they can. We provide food, clothing, shelter and emergency assistant to those in need in our community.

The event itself won't be til September 7th. They're going to have Table of 5 as their caterer, so that'll be tasty. They're also going to have activities like a Wine Pull, Diamond Discovery, Trunk of Treasure, Candle for a Cause, and a silent auction! And, there will be people there to provide testimonies, to show just how the Open Door has helped them.

So, write it down, make an effort to go. Tickets will go on sale in July, I'll remind you then.


Breadly yours,


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