Meet Fabio, he's such a handsome boy. And when he showed up at Old Drum Animal Shelter in Warrensburg through no fault of his own he was well fed and sweet as can be. There was hope his family might come looking for him, but sadly that never happened. Unfortunately, kennel life hasn't been good for Fabio.

Fabio's spent 211 days at the shelter in his concrete and fence kennel. Watching people walk by him to check out "more adoptable" pets.  And unfortunately, during those 211 days, he's developed what the shelter describes as "some non-favorable play habits."

It's clear from the post on the Old Drum Animal Shelter's Facebook page they're concerned about Fabio's well-being. And concerned his long stay as a resident of Old Drum is only making it harder for him to be adopted.

I'd like to see if maybe this blog post can help Fabio lead the life he deserves. A life where he can curl up on the couch. Get pets from his family. And spend time playing, running, romping, and loving his forever family.

If you're a person or a family that has some experience handling rowdy dogs with a heart of gold. And have the patience and the love to help Fabio adjust back to life in the real world. I'd ask you to take some time and consider either adopting Fabio or being his foster family. The sooner this sweet boy can get out of his kennel and into a home, the better off he'll be. As the Shelter says in their Facebook post, you might be saving his life.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering Fabio contact Old Drum Animal Shelter through their Facebook page, call them at (660) 747-2127 or stop by the shelter during business hours. You can find their adoption information and adoption application here. And information on being a foster family here.

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