Last week in the midst of another rainy, gray, Sedalia afternoon I complained to Mike about the wet weather and how it was making me cranky. He told me what I already knew, get used to it, it's early spring in Missouri. And it's not getting all that much better this week.

The National Weather Service in Kansas City is already warning of another early spring storm that could impact our area Tuesday night and into Wednesday. Along with thunderstorms, some of which the National Weather Service says could be severe and include large hail, strong winds, and even an isolated tornado.

They say the storm system's peak timing will be Tuesday night into overnight Wednesday, March 29, and March 30, 2022, to be exact. Of course, spring storms like this are nothing new for those of us who live in West Central Missouri, or anywhere in the Midwest.

I remember as a paperboy growing up in my hometown, delivering papers in March and April just sucked. There were weeks when it seemed like all it did was rain. It was me out there riding my 10 speed being pelted with raindrops trying to make sure every paper I threw made it under someone's roof overhang so it wouldn't be soaked. And yeah, rain meant having to wrap the papers in a bag vs. just rubber banding them. Sunday and Wednesday papers were the worst.

More recently, I remember when I first came to Sedalia in 2019 and was driving back to my home in the Quad Cities on Thursday afternoons before Kathy and I officially moved here. How it seemed many Thursday afternoons and evenings I ran into rain or storms somewhere between Sedalia and Davenport.

So yeah, this is not my favorite time of year. It's the time of year I'm just impatient for the warmth of sunshine, the eye-popping greenness of the grass, and the green leaves on the trees. I just want that smell of spring. And I bet many of you feel the same way too.

As for the storm that might hit on Tuesday night. The National Weather Service says the best ways to be weather prepared are: Keep an eye on the forecast. Change your plans if doing them with the forecasted weather puts you at risk. And learn the safety tips that can keep you safe during all kinds of storms. My tip, move the garbage cans up by your home, so they don't blow all over the place if it gets windy.

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