After I mentioned on Kix 105.7 that I was moving to sister station Awesome 92.3 to do the afternoon show someone asked me what I would be changing. My response, just my socks.

If there's one thing I change every day, it's my socks. Also my underwear, you know what Mom always says about clean underwear. But as far as changing things up, am I supposed to get a Groucho mask? Or adapt a completely different persona because I'm moving radio stations?

Nope. I'm still going to love my cowboy boots. I'm going to ask you questions from the silly to the serious on Facebook for our Question of the Day. And you can still earn a gold star when you get my Brainteaser Trivia question right. We're working on some other fun things to do as well.

Classic Hits from the '70s, '80s, and '90s is my music. Especially the '80s. I grew up listening to all these songs on the radio. I bought the LPs, 45's, and cassettes. I had posters of the Bangles, Richard Marx, Heart, Vixen, Madonna, and more on my bedroom walls. I bought Duran Duran's "Arena" and Billy Joel's "Greatest Hits Volume I and II". I spent hours watching videos on MTV and when they held their first MTV Video Music Awards. I was watching.

I love the music and the pop culture of that era too, so I expect that'll seep through when you hear me getting excited about playing some of my favorite songs. Or talking about a movie a song was featured in.

Mostly though, the biggest change will be my socks. Now that it's getting cooler outside and I'm wearing jeans or dockers, expect to see my pumpkin socks for Halloween, my Muppets socks, my Kansas City Royals Slugger socks, my chicken and waffles socks, and of course the Christmas socks my wife buys for me every year.

I'm glad to be on Awesome 92.3 and you can hear me every afternoon starting Monday, October 25, from 2:00 PM -7:00 PM. I can't wait to have fun with you!

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