Everyone has an opinion. Regarding opinions on pizza and who has the best, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of "best of" lists; the latest one I've seen is from Reader's Digest.

They've put out a list called "The Best Pizza in Every State," although they don't mention how they figured out who has the best pizza in every state. That makes me wonder how they came up with their list. I've eaten a lot of pizza over the years and had difficulty ranking which was "the best." I could give you my Top 5, but singling one out as the best? I can't do it.

For example, Mike and his fiancèe Amanda recently went to Chicago. They wanted to go to Lou Malnati's for a Chicago-style pizza, yet they wound up at Pizzeria Uno instead because the wait at Malnati's was 90 minutes. Malnati's is my favorite stuffed pizza. However, Uno's is just as good. It might even be better or more original than Malnati's.

I think Uno's pizza is the better pizza to enjoy with a glass of beer. Why? The crust pairs better with the beer's flavor. That doesn't mean Malnati's stuffed pizza tastes terrible with a beer; it's just that Uno's is better. See, it's hard to come up with a true "best" pizza, in my opinion.

Best Pizza in Illinois According to Reader's Digest


Reader's Digest named Giordano's Pizza the best in Illinois. They write, "There are few things more sinfully indulgent (or worth every bite) than a Chicago deep-dish pizza. Chicago's classic restaurant Giordano's takes it one step further with their stuffed pizza. As if the mountain of dense dough, melted cheese, and chunky sauce couldn't get more over-the-top, they fill the crust with ricotta cheese."

I can't argue with that assessment. Giordano's Pizza is easy to find throughout much of Illinois, and the pizza, both deep dish and thin crust, is quite yummy. I've said it before: some Chicagoans get their panties in a bunch because Giordano's is a chain, but so what? Good pizza is good pizza.

Best Pizza in Missouri According to Reader's Digest 

Pi PIzzeria
Pi PIzzeria

Reader's Digest says that Pi Pizzeria, located in St. Louis, Washington DC, and Iraq, is Missouri's best pizza. They write, "You don't have to be a math fan to enjoy this pizza—just one bite of either their deep-dish or thin-crust (both are delicious), and you'll be sold. The crust, dusted in cornmeal, is sturdy enough to hold the hearty helping of chunky sauce, cheese, and fresh veggies and herbs adorning each pizza."

Reader's Digest also claims President Obama once said Pi in St. Louis was his favorite spot to get a pizza. Politics aside, the former president is a Chicagoan, so I would assume he knows good pizza. So, who am I to argue with that? Without eating there, I can't speak to how good the pizza is, but it's on my list (along with Imo's) to try when I make it to St. Louis, and the pictures on Pi's site look delicious.

Are They the Best?

In my article "The Best Chicago Pizza Joint You Never Heard Of," I answer the question of the best Chicago pizza place you never heard of by saying, "The best Chicago pizza joint you never heard of is... the one you find yourself at with friends, family, or your significant other in Chicago making memories and laughing over a pitcher and a pie. You have to find it, and then make the experience your own."

Logic says that the same advice will work outside of Chicago. Sure, depending on where you are in Missouri or Illinois, it might be a little harder to find a decent pizza. Yet, don't tell me you can't make some great memories and enjoy a great pizza at Fitter's in Warrensburg, Pizza Glen in Clinton, or Calgaro's in Cole Camp. In my mind, it's more about the entire experience than just the pizza.

That said, whether it's Reader's Digest, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or whatever, it's probably excellent and worth trying if someone proclaims some pizza joint the best.

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