If you're a pizza buffet fan, you will love this news! Strap on the feedback because the pizza buffet is back in Warrensburg at a familiar place.

I'm talking about The Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet at the Warrensburg Pizza Hut. There's just something special about taking a break from work, heading over to the pizza buffet, and sharing some good conversation while enjoying some pizza and pasta, as well as a salad. I mean the salad's an important part of feeling like you're doing something good for yourself before chowing down on some slices. Especially when you know you'll probably have a couple of more slices than you should.

It's a great move by Pizza Hut in Warrensburg since there isn't another lunch pizza buffet in town, at least not since the Mazzio's closed a couple of years ago.

When Best of Sedalia's Rick Maize shared the post in his Facebook group, of course, the news was greeted with some excitement. Including people clamoring for Pizza Hut to bring back the buffet in Sedalia, as well as some support for KFC bringing back their buffet.

As someone who has eaten both the Pizza Hut buffet and the KFC buffet over the years, I wholeheartedly embrace both of them coming back to Sedalia. Although, if you have a desire for a lunchtime pizza buffet I do have to say Mazzio's generally does a bang-up job. I mean really, I'd have difficulty choosing which one to visit.

As far as Warrensburg residents are concerned, the response was generally positive, with some folks wanting to know if they'll ever do a buffet in the evening or on the weekend's. Original poster ShaneandChristina Brundage responded to a couple of the comments that the Warrensburg Pizza Hut hopes to offer the buffet on Sunday after they train the employees and get the kinks worked out.

For now, the buffet is being offered Monday - Friday 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM CDT. The Warrensburg Pizza Hut closed the buffet four years ago. Response on The Burg Facebook page from those who went to the buffet's first day have been positive. You can check out the Burg Facebook page here to see the comments.

The next time I work from home, or take a day off, you know where I'll be strapping on the feedback for lunch!

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