This just in, three of our towns in West Central Missouri just made a list of charming small towns in Missouri. There's a good chance if you're reading this, one of those charming small towns might be right at your doorstep.

While writing a story about how one of Missouri's most walkable cities is in West Central Missouri, I stumbled across this article on Redfin, "Beyond the City: 11 Charming Small Towns in Missouri". I about fell over when I saw the #1 town on the list because it is right outside my front door.

I'm talking about Warrensburg. Redfin says, "Warrensburg stands as a beacon of community and history." They go on to talk about how the University of Central Missouri adds vibrant energy to the town and its commitment to preserving its history, especially in the downtown area. They also mention something called the Warrensburg Corn Festival, which they got wrong, that's in Warrensburg, Illinois.

That said Warrensburg has a beautiful farmer's market right around the courthouse every Saturday morning from the spring through the fall. Not to mention Burg Fest, a great weekend festival that's growing every year. You can't forget the preserved Civil War-era courthouse, the one-room schoolhouse, or even Warrensburg's most revered four-legged resident Old Drum, who inspired the phrase "man's best friend."

Scrolling down the list to number three is Sedalia.  Redfin says, "The community’s spirit is vibrant, with local businesses and restaurants adding to the town’s charm and appeal." That's on the money. Move beyond the chain joints on Broadway or Limit, and you'll find no shortage of great places to eat from swanky to slumming.

They then discuss the town's historic Katy Depot and the Missouri State Fair. Of course, they don't mention the Trails End Monument, the town's significance in the Texas cattle drives, a wonderfully walkable downtown with plenty of interesting shops, and Sedalia's rich colorful history.

Scrolling down to number six on the list is Marshall. Redfin says, "Marshall is celebrated for its vibrant arts scene, highlighted by the presence of the Missouri Valley College." Redfin focuses on the town's culture mentioning the Marshall Philarmonic Orchestra.

I'm less familiar with Marshall than Sedalia and Warrensburg, so straight from the City of Marshall's website here's a great quote about the town. "Keeping our small town charm and friendly atmosphere, Marshall offers the comforts you want and the hospitality you deserve. Marshall has much to offer, whether you enjoy concerts or college sports, swimming or disc golf, hiking or shopping."

It's no surprise that three of our towns in West Central Missouri, all more or less near each other made the list. From a historical standpoint, this part of Missouri is rich in history, not boring history either. All three cities boast arts programming and activities that benefit residents and visitors. Not to mention all three cities have educational institutions that color the culture

What I think makes our towns so attractive to visit though, are the people. That's what I keep coming back to. There's a friendliness in these towns that's hard to match. I've been here five years now, and I'm still amazed at the wonderful people I've met and continue to meet and how most folks are more than willing to strike up a conversation with you.

So congratulations to Warrensburg, Sedalia, and Marshall, three of West Central Missouri's towns that made Redfin's list of 11 Charming Small Towns in Missouri. You can click here if you want to see Redfin's complete list.

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