Redfin did an article on "The 10 Most Walkable Cities In Missouri", surprisingly, or not, one of those walkable cities is right here in West Central Missouri.

One might think when it comes to walkable cities, the bigger the better right? Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis, Springfield. Places that perhaps have more of a downtown, or neighborhoods where walking is a thing, or just the easiest way to navigate getting from here to there.

That's sort of true when it comes to this list. The biggest walkable city in Missouri is the one that's #1 on the list, St. Louis. Springfield, the third largest city in Missouri makes the list as well. Conspicuously absent, Kansas City, Columbia, and Jeff City. So what other Missouri towns and cities made the list?

Kirkwood makes the list because of its charming downtown and Kirkwood Park. Rolla makes the list because Missouri University of Science and Technology has plenty of amenities for students and townspeople that are in walking distance. Not to mention a walkable downtown.

Interestingly, not only does St. Louis come in at #1 on the list for it's several pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, but several of St. Louis' suburbs make the list. Specifically University City, Lemay, Afton and Florissant.

As far as West Central Missouri goes, our hometown of Sedalia makes the list. Redfin named Sedalia the fifth most walkable city in Missouri. They cite our historic downtown, the Missouri State Fairgrounds, give shoutouts to Katy Trail State Park and Kehde's Barbeque and the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art.

What they don't talk about is actually how walkable our town is. Certainly, downtown is walkable. You can get a really nice walk in on Ohio Street, and there's plenty of beautiful architecture to check out, great stores to pop in, and a great courthouse square with the Hotel Bothwell right there. Certainly for residents and visitors alike, Ohio Street's a great interesting walk.

That said, while visitors could come in on Amtrak and stay at the Hotel Bothwell and pretty much not need a car. I'm not sure I'd reccomend that for anyone besides someone looking for a short weekend getaway. Looking for things to do, downtown can be a little limiting after dark.

Not to mention, there's lots of other things to do in Sedalia where a vehicle might come in handy. Whether you're looking to wandar around the Daum Museum, check out our historic Katy Depot and the Katy Trail, wander around the Missouri State Fairgrounds, check out Bothwell Lodge, or just find the perfect place for dinner, a vehicle will come in handy.

Additionally, if you want to venture out and check out Knob Noster State Park, or want to venture out a little further to check out the Turman Dam in Warsaw or see the Turman Home or Presidential Library in Independence, a vehicle's a nice thing to have.

Bottom line, if you enjoy walking Sedalia's definitely worth checking out. It just might be a little more enjoyable with a set of wheels too.

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