You know, over the years, I've seen a fair amount of graffiti in Sedalia.

Some of it are just tags, some of it is elaborate, intricate art, and some.... is there as a last resort.  A last straw, if you will.  They just can't take it anymore, and they had to take a stand.

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And frankly, after seeing it, I don't blame them.  Check this out. 

attachment-crop no peeing

I was just tooling along on Third Street, making my way to Crown Hill cemetery to look for a cat (LONG STORY).  It was a quiet Sunday morning, nobody was on the road.  And there was nobody there to ask about it, because, well, it was Sunday.  I thought about going back and asking, but... then I thought, why?  You know what happened here. 


The owner, or the manager, or whoever, was obviously having problems with someone relieving themselves either on that wall or in the parking lot.  It must have been either someone anonymous, or more than one person.  I imagine they asked around to see who did it.  I also picture having a small company meeting to tell everyone, "Okay, come on, knock it off.  Enough is enough".  I mean, after a while, I'd imagine they were.....pissed off.


Enough to take action! Signs probably would blow away, and you need something to remind these crazies about their humanity! If you need to pee, take it inside.  I absolutely get not wanting to deal with that at your business.  Or, if you're outside working, I get not wanting to deal with the smell.  Unless someone was peeing elsewhere other than the wall, then... well.  Let's just Double Down on the No Peeing enforcement, please.

I mean, come on. That's just gross. There's a reason we don't do that anymore. And besides, how hard is it just to.... get to a toilet? Are you really so precious and important that you have to stop what you're doing and just let it fly wherever you feel like? I mean... there are tickets on the books for people like you.

Thank you, person I don't know, for giving me a giggle. But I hope you got the problem taken care of.  I'm sure it's a lot of pressure, it's a squeeze, but... you've got to let it out. And to the person who did it...... urine some big trouble!

Jokingly yours,

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