I've done a decent amount of travelling over the years.  I haven't done too much recently, but I'm hoping to change that. I've been to New York City, Arlington, Washington DC, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Houston, Bowling Green (Ohio), Toledo, Cincinnati, Springfield Illinois, Little Rock Arkansas, Des Moines, and of course Kansas City and St Louis.  I think... no, I know my last trip was up to Chicago.  I had a great time, even if it was only for a few days back last May.



And sometimes......people come here! I like it a lot when people end up visiting me here, and when it's a Sedalia Newbie... well, that's perfect.  There are always little places and things you have to make sure that someone who has never been to Sedalia sees.  In the Spring I like to show people the Liberty Park Rose Garden and the Bothwell Lodge, and in the Fall it's always good to warm yourself up at one of the awesome eateries we have - it's fun to bring people to the Caboose at Kehde's! The Katy Depot is pretty amazing to see, as well - particularly since I remember how far it's come in recent years.

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But now, I guess I'd take them to see the lights downtown.  Or maybe we'd drive around and try to point out all the little art bikes camped out around town.

Let's say you have family or friends visiting this holiday season (not unheard of).  Where do you take them?  What's the Sedalia Essential experience?

Touringly yours,

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