You guys, your smarts and creativity are going to be tested this summer. ON THE WATER.

Sedalia Parks and Rec are going to be hosting some Cardboard Boat Races coming up next month. I thought I'd let you know now, so you can start building your boats and maybe do a trial run or two before the actual races.  'Cos not only do you have to stay afloat, you have to WIN THE RACE. Now, how does this work?  There are some guidelines.

Ya gotta build your boat before the day of, and it has to be made entirely out of cardboard and duct tape.  So no wood or plastic or inflatables or any of that.  Well, you can have paddles, but nothing like fiberglass or Styrofoam in the boat itself.  You can decorate and do whatever you want to, just keep to the cardboard and duct tape for the actual construction of the boat.  They'll allow two paddlers in the boat, but they have to be IN the boat.  So no towing, no holding it between your legs, no swimming, none of that.   No surfboard style - so you gotta be in the boat, paddling.  Basically, if you can stay dry in the boat, you're doing great.

This sounds like a great project for a parent and child to do together, or maybe a brother and sister, or maybe cousins.  What a creative, problem solving project with so much fun to be had.  I mean sure, it'll be a challenge to keep it up and floating with two people with just cardboard, but... you'll be so proud of the mental fortitude it's going to take to figure these out. And I'm looking forward to seeing the creative decorations.

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They are asking that people be sportsman like, so no throwing water on another boat on purpose, no hollering at the judges because their decision is final, that kind of stuff.  Oh, and you have have an open boat.  You can't build an enclosed submarine style boat for safety reasons.  You dig.

So how do you enter?  Well, you can call 660-826-4930 to register, it's ten bucks per boat, again, two people max in the boat.  The race will be held on July 24th at Centennial early that morning at 9:00 a.m.   If you aren't sure about anything I've written here, you can email Scott for questions. His email is

I'm looking forward to seeing your creativity and spontaneity.  I mean, I couldn't figure how to keep a paper boat afloat, much less a cardboard one with actual people in it.  You've got this, though!

Cardboardingly yours,


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