Winter weather in the Kansas City area closed Kansas City International Airport for a while early this morning as crews had to clear ice off the runways. This may impact travel into and out of Kansas City International for most of the day.

The airline that seems most impacted by the weather is Southwest Airlines, which is showing nine departing flights delayed, and two flights canceled on KCI's flight status board. As for arrivals, Southwest is showing six flights are delayed. This information is current as of 9:55 AM CST.

Southwest Airlines has a travel advisory posted on its website indicating travel to and from the following destinations: Chicago, Des Moines, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Omaha, and Wichita could be impacted by weather delays. Passengers traveling to or from these destinations may rebook by getting in touch with the airline. You can read their advisory here.

While not experiencing delays or cancellations in Kansas City like Southwest is currently, United, American, Frontier, and Spirit airlines all have some sort of weather advisory out for today and tomorrow. Click the above links to access that information and check out your airline's weather travel policy.

While no more than a dusting of snow is expected in the Sedalia and Warrensburg areas today, Weatherolgy is predicting a 60% chance of snow for Kansas City with accumulations of two to three inches, and a high of only 28. If Kansas City does see more snow, this could impact later flights into and out of Kansas City International Airport.

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for most of the area until 3:00 PM CST this afternoon.

You can check on departing and arriving flights at Kansas City International Airport here.

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