Last Thursday (Oct. 18) in St. Paul, Minn., Dave Grohl made a Foo Fighters show an even more exceptional experience for a young disabled boy, inviting him onstage while the band performed. The moment took place in the middle of "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" when the frontman noticed the child at the Xcel Energy Center.

"Hold on one second - does that kid need somewhere to sit?," Grohl says in the video which can be viewed below. "Give that kid a real seat. You gotta take his parents too...this is a family occasion! Bring 'em up on the side. I'll sing a song to him."

Security then brought the boy, whose name is Owen, and his parents to the side of the stage where they take a seat to enjoy the rest of the song and the next one, "La Dee Da." During the latter, Grohl went over to Owen and shared a bit of his guitar playing with the youngster who, according to a Facebook post by his mother Stacy, is blind and autistic and battles Crohn's disease and other developmental disabilities.

"Hello! Thank you for sharing this," Stacy posted on the Consequence of Sound Facebook page. "I am Owen’s mom. Owen is in fact blind, he also has Autism, Crohn’s Disease and developmental disabilities. Owen loves concerts so much. He was definitely not tired, he likes to be held up front at most shows and we take turns [holding him] up so he can dance. Dave Grohl and all of the crew were incredibly kind to our family. We have taken Owen to close to 100 shows. It’s so fun and he brings out the best in so many people. Owen has a pretty huge story and has been through so much in his life already, we are just trying to give him the best life we can."

Grohl recently revealed the Foo Fighters plan on taking a break following their current tour which ends tomorrow (Oct. 23) in Calgary, Alberta. The band also has a few dates lined up for next year with two in New Orleans, La. and two at overseas festivals. Information on the remaining shows can be found here.

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