You've heard this before if you're over the age of thirty: "How am I supposed to know about that? That happened before I was even born!"I hear this from several different sources in my life, and you can be safe to assume they are all teenage girls. I don't know what it is about this phrase that has become a go to for any kind of cultural knowledge gap. It's not like things that happened before thirteen years ago are suddenly ancient.

Well, young people, I know it's hard out there for ya. You've got a lot going on and you're stepping into an uncertain future. I know you have a lot on your plate. But I can tell you: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO KNOW ABOUT THINGS THAT HAPPENED BEFORE YOU WERE BORN.

Guess what? I know about things that happened before I was born. Do you know why? A LOT of stuff happened before I was born. Shocking, I know!

JFK?  You bet that was before I was born.

World War Two? My DAD wasn't even born yet.

The invention of the telephone? Nobody I KNOW was even born then.

And, I also have heard of Dinosaurs.  Do you think I was alive back then? Sure wasn't!

But I know about all those things! AND A LOT MORE THINGS. I know it seems impossible to fathom, but the world did not, in fact, start when I was brought into it. Things happened before I was born, and things happened after I was born, and things will happen when I'm not here anymore. I'm not just responsible for the time that I've been cognizant of this world. And if you think that SHOULD be the case, then  you apparently should know about every little thing that has ever happened in the last fourteen years! I'll be sure to ask you about all the details in the Ted Stevens corruption scandal. I'm sure you know all of it, you know ONLY things that happened while you've been alive, so you certainly elucidate me on the repercussions of the conviction and subsequent dismissal of the charges.

What?  You don't know that? But that was 2009.... it happened while you were born.

Right. So, please use your phone for something other than taking ten thousand selfies for every one you post, and read a little something. You have access to so much information and it is so easily reachable. Two clicks and you've got whatever you want.

In my day, after killing a bear with my looseleaf notebook and walking backwards both ways to school in ten feet of snow, I had to use the library and encyclopedias to find out stuff.

And get was stuff that happened before I was born.

Elderly yours,

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