The Sedalia Lions Club is proud to present their 10th annual Compact Figure 8 Scramble. It’ll be held on Sept. 10th at 6:00 p.m. at the State Fair Arena (Gates open at 5:00) on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

A "Figure 8 Scramble" is when a racetrack meets a demolition derby. It is guaranteed to be a great time - because the Sedalia Lions know how to have fun! And I mean, who doesn't like to see stuff get smashed up to bits? You know I do. It's satisfying to watch - and to know you're not going to be the one paying for it.  Here's what's going on:

We will start the evening off with our Power Wheels race. Children 10 and under can bring their power wheels and compete in their own Figure 8 race. The adults are up next with with 6 heats of Figure 8 racing, followed with 3 B-Mains an the final Figure 8 Race. If any cars are still able to move we will have a Powder Puff Figure 8, where only females can drive in. This year we have added a compact demolition derby to the night.
So as you can see, they're switching it up a a bit. People around here really love any kind of outdoor activity, and as the summer is winding down there's always a want to see something exciting. Check out this video of the race from not last year, but the year before.

The Lions Club is a great local group doing a lot of good. They do whatever is needed to help their local communities. They work with children who need eyeglasses, with seniors who don’t have enough to eat and with people they may never meet. So help the Lions club help the people in Pettis County who need it the most while attending a really fun, action-packed event.

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General admission for adults is $10, and for kids 6-12 is $5. A Pit Pass is available for $20. They’ll have a $30 entry fee per class, a rider fee for the Figure 8 only. Plus, kids under 5 get in free, and there's free entry for the Powerwheels (aged 0-10). They'll have food too, and not for some ultra crazy price, it's totally reasonable. For more information, contact Terri Hunter at 660-596-5093, or check out their Facebook page.

Scrambily yours,

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