Folks, I think we're all excited for all the shows that are coming up at the Missouri State Fair.  And not just the grandstand shows, but the Bud Tent and all the free musical entertainment on the grounds, too.  So I thought I'd take a second and go over some of the standard, well, "politeness" marks that people should probably hit.  Or at least, they should in my opinion.  

I'm well aware that my opinion is just that, my opinion.  So you can take it or leave it, I suppose.  But I think these are some general good "go to" tips.  And if you disagree, feel free to let me know what you're thinking about the whole thing.

  1. Don't Be a Hog.   If you've got a good view, or good seats, great.  But don't try to take up more room that you're allotted.  If the seat next to you has someone sitting in it, then yes, feel free to make that known.  But if you're leaning over a seat next to you that has no one in it, don't assume you can just take it.  If someone comes to claim their seat, they don't want to have to ask you to move.  Same thing goes with people coming down the row to their seat.  When someone comes up, just move slightly to the side.  Don't make them have to ask you to move over.  It's not their fault their seat is in the middle of the row.
  2. Don't Be The Drunk Guy.   Everyone wants to have a good time.  We all know sometimes that will involve some imbibing of adult beverages.  But don't overdo it.  Nobody wants to have to dodge you spilling your beer.  And sometimes you'll say or do stuff that you wouldn't normally after you've had a few.  In a crowded concert, you may end up doing something stupid. And don't be the guy that gets so drunk that you forget to take your trash with you.  Throw those things away properly, please.  A dirty fairground concert will not make anything better.
  3. Watch Your Sound Level.   You'll want to sing along, and that's great.  You'll want to shout some appreciation, and that's also great.  But don't sing so loudly that the guy next to you will have to clean his ears out. Don't be that person that screams out the song they want to hear every five seconds.   All these acts have taken the time and energy to put together a set list of their hits, and it's work.  They have to rehearse the whole band and get everyone on board with what song gets played when. Don't think they're going to just stop the show and play your song when you want it.  To just shout constantly is going to do nothing but annoy the people around you.
  4. Take Your Time.  Nobody wants to have to try to run in or out of the grandstand, especially if it's gonna be a little muddy. So get there early, get your area set, and don't try to race out when it's over.  Take your turn, wait, and don't think you're gonna get out there in a speedy manner.  If you're hustling to get out, you're gonna end up maybe shoving someone, or losing your group, and really - it's not like you're gonna get out of there much earlier anyway.
  5. Get Involved In The Show.   Don't be one of those people that's constantly talking throughout the show or on your phone or not actively paying attention.  It's rude to the band, it's rude to the workers, it's rude to your fellow concert goers.  You paid to see the dang thing, why are you talking on your cell phone to someone else during it?

I think that's a good starter list.  What do you think?  Did I miss something?  Do you disagree with any of my points? Let me know what you think about the whole concert going experience.

Politely yours,

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