Election day and National Sandwich Day are colliding this year and stores and restaurants are using this as an excuse to offer some discounts and freebies. So what can we take advantage of here in West Central Missouri? Here's a list:

  • Discounted rides to the polls. Uber is offering 50% off rides to the polls up to $14 dollars. Lyft is offering up to 50% of one ride to your polling place up to $10.
  • Free doughnuts. Krispy Kreme is offering everyone a free glazed donught on election day along with an I voted sticker. (Cool for those who voted absentee, and still want to show off an I voted sticker.)
  • Delivered Dining Deals. I think it'd just be easier to pick something up while you're out voting and save the outrageous delivery fees. However, you can score some good deals on having food delivered on election day. Free delivery from Door Dash on orders over $15 when you use the coupon code VOTE. Grub Hub will have more than 30 discounts on their app including Burger King.
  • Fast Food Deals. We're getting away from election day deals here, and more app incentive deals that just happen to start on election day. But I suppose I'm splitting hairs. McDonald's is giving away one of their new pastries with a purchase of an iced or hot coffee through their app. This offer is good through November 9. Wendy's has an app offer for their improved classic chicken sandwich. Get a free one with any purchase and using the offer on their app. Sonic has their usual half price cheeseburger deal Tuesday after 5:00PM CST.
  • Samwich deals. And yes I misspelled sandwich on purpose. Because no one says sandwich. We may say "samwich" "sammys" whatever. Anyway however you spell meat on a bun here's what's out there: Subway will give you a free foot long when you order two via the app. At Jimmy John's Freaky Fast rewards members get 50% off any eight inch sandwich on National Sandwich Day / election day. They also have a buy two and get the second sandwich for half off through November 8.
  • Cocktail Deal. If this election has driven you to drink. Chili's is offering it's Presidente Margarita for $5 and they'll give you a commemorative sticker.
  • Workout Deal. All the election stress making you want to work out. Planet Fitness is offering a free workout and Hydro Massage for those who voted through November 8.

Want to see who else is offering free stuff this election day / National Sandwich Day? You can check out this article from USA Today or this article from Retail Me Not. I'd keep an eye on your favorite restaurants, fast food joints, sandwich and coffee places too. You might spy a great deal or offer on their Facebook or Twitter as well.

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