Over the years, I've been to many an event.  I'm sure you have, too. Bridal Fairs, Charity Events, you name it, we've all been. And at all of these events, you get little freebies at each table.  Lip balm, rulers, fly swatters, pens, coozies, frisbees, shirts, there's always tons of little freebies all around with someone's logo or name on it.

Heck, the radio station had a fair amount of those.  Remember the Cabin Fever Sports Show? Seemed like we always got either the worst snowstorms or the first nice weekend after a long winter on those.  But every table had a bunch of free stuff to give away, and you gotta know I accumulated a lot of those little things. I still have a trunk full of Bob FM stuff I took with me to remotes.  We don't need them anymore so they're just... there.

I guess it's an old habit of my Mom and Grandmother.  Every year they'd go to the State Fair just for the food and the freebies.  Every year Gramma would be sure to go and get her free yard stick and those little paper fans you could bring to church.

And now, I'm grateful for one of those little freebies I found in my desk.  Spray hand sanitizer!


I don't remember what event it was, but one of those community events Bothwell gave out these little things and I jacked one.  And now, I will keep it in my bag in case I have to go out!

What's a little freebie you've gotten over the years that turned out to be really handy? Do you have a ton of those things sitting around the house, like me?

Freebily yours,

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