Do you guys remember all day breakfast at Maccas? It was a thing for a hot minute there, and there were a few different items you could choose from.

And I was never super excited about it. Why? Because I don't love breakfast sausage. Bacon at breakfast? Heck yes. Eggs? Bring it. Cheese? Why not? Potatoes? Okay. But I personally just... don't like sausage. Well, not as a meat. But the seasoning or something? I don't know.


I do know that I was never one of those kids that was super excited about fast food breakfast because of that - it seemed like all there was to eat was... sausage, and never enough bacon.

So anyway, for ages, sadness reigned. Until 1999. McDonald's bagels were first introduced on the menu in 1999. I had very little experience with bagels at the time, because... my parents just never bought them. I don't know if it was just that they were trying to watch carbs or something, or if nobody knew what they were, or if we just weren't bagel people. But when I found bagels, oh man. It was a beautiful thing. And now, you could get one at the drive-thru (keep in mind, this is DECADES before Sedalia saw a Panera). They had a bunch of different types, with various combinations like Spanish omelet, sausage, ham, steak, egg, and cheese available. For a while, they also had a Ranchero version with sausage, pepper jack cheese, onions, green peppers, and the special breakfast sauce.

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As you do, I found what I liked. I just stuck with the regular bacon, egg and cheese. Delightful. Until... the day came. I went through the drive-thru, asked for my bagel, and they were GONE. McDonald’s removed its bagel sandwiches from nationwide menus in 2020 when it decided to pare down its offerings — and get rid of all-day breakfast — at the start of the pandemic.

So, frankly, I haven't been back. I mean, for breakfast that is, I'm sure I MUST have eaten nuggets or a burger or SOMETHING from Macca's in the last four years. I just don't remember off the top of my head. But now, now, they're back. So let's revisit.


Here in Sedalia, anyway, at the one on South Limit, they're back.  They're not in every McDonald's nationwide - I should be clear about that. There are three bagels available at the moment:  Bacon Egg and Cheese, Steak Egg and Cheese, and a Sausage one.  But... I didn't even bother buying that one.  I already explained that I don't like it, guys.  Why would I waste money on that?  Anyway.  I bought the bagels with bacon and steak.


And honestly, it seems pretty much exactly like it was.  Which is great.


There's usually one piece of bacon on one side of the bagel, and then another piece on the other side of the bagel, so don't think I got stiffed.  It was warm and soft, a little toasty but not too much. Pretty right on.  I've had fast food bagels that were burned or overtoasted, but this one was great.


Now that steak, egg and cheese?  It's just not for me.  It's just like the sausage one.  There's nothing WRONG with it. I just don't love the combo.  The steak is a bit over seasoned for me (never thought I'd say that, ever) and it's good on its own, but with cheese, sauce and a bagel it's just... strange.  And the onions aren't helping anything.

BUT, it does taste the same as it did before.  So if you liked it before, it hasn't changed. Which to me, is good, because if you're bringing something back and you're going to mess with it, why bother, you know?


Anyway, I ate my BE&C, ate about a third of the steak one, and I had an accomplice for some of the rest of it.


Kitten liked it just fine.  She's sniffing around for more meat.  Alas, there was none to find.

What do you think? Are you stoked the bagel sandwiches are back, or are you ignoring it? Do you like them, or did you ignore them?

Bagelly yours,

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