If you always go to the grocery store with good intentions, but end up walking out with a cart full of junk food, listen up. It always seems like there's a ton of crap in the cart that you don't need, right?  Well, I think I've managed to master this experience, and I'm ready to share with you. Here are five tips on how to avoid buying junk food at the grocery store.


1.  Have a list.  Going in with a game plan helps keep you focused.  You're less likely to be tempted than if you're just aimlessly browsing the aisles.


2.  Stay in the outer aisles.  The meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and health foods are usually located on the perimeter of the supermarket.  While the chips, soda, candy, and other processed junk are in the middle aisles.

3.  Don't go when you're hungry. Which, when you're NJ, is every time you go to the store.  You're more likely to buy unhealthy food when you shop on an empty stomach.

Girl at her first job in vegetable shop

4.  Shop at your local farmers' market.  There will be MUCH less temptation for junk food there.

What are some of your favorite shopping tips? Are you a couponer? Do you use apps to get deals? Do you have a method for getting it done? Can you pretty please share your knowledge with me? I'll ask nice.


Shoppingly yours,

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