So first of all, I just wanted to make it clear that this is an update post. In that, I first wrote about this in February 2022.  In fact, if you really want to read about it back then, you can check it out here. I bought a weighted hula hoop because I had heard it could be a low impact way of helping a person lose weight.


Also in the interests of full disclosure, this picture was the first weighted hula hoop I bought. The one I bought ended up breaking, and so I bought a new one. Which also ended up breaking. But, I bought a third one, and so far, that one is still in working order. All told, I probably spent about thirty for each one (not from the same store), and I bought three. Long story, but I got a fourth one for free. I have two that I keep - one to use and one for parts.

I've been using it almost every day for about thirty minutes since February of 2022.

The final result? Not much, results wise.


I ended up taking out two links about three months in. That's it. Then, nothing. I tried changing it up, doing it for longer, doing it for shorter intervals multiple times a day, changing the weight... nothing. So really... it didn't work. But, I still use it.

And my final judgement is... I'm going to keep using it.

"But, why?" You may ask. "It didn't do what it said it was going to do!"


Well, I'll explain. Admittedly, I was drawn in by the testimonies of different people who had tried it, but... it just didn't work for me.

But, I started using this thing back in the day, and it was very difficult at first for someone has un-coordinated as me. Look at the original post, I was stoked to keep the damn thing moving for twenty minutes at one time back then.

So I guess it takes a while to get used to using it. I'm used to using it now, and while it might not be getting rid of my gut, I enjoy doing it! I'm a little bit better balance wise (which is a big deal for me, with the MS thing), and it's something I can zone out while doing. I can easily zone out for half a hour and do this while watching internet videos. I can also easily hula hoop for... at least an hour without any issue. It was never that physically taxing for me, and it's fun, so... okay.

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One thing they don't tell you in the ads, though - they're LOUD. So if you want to try it, go for it - but don't spend a ton of money. There are plenty you can find that are moderately priced or on sale. It might not help you lose your belly, but it'll help your back strength a bit and if you're doing it right, it'll feel good in your knees.

Don't spend a lot of money, and you're golden, whether it works or not.

Hoopingly yours,


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