Okay guys, so I think we can all admit I was not the most sporty youth. I was a stay inside, read a lot of books kind of kid.  If I could be, I was inside. Although I did have a Pogo Ball, and those things were the COOLEST. Mine was purple and green. Looked like it belonged to the Joker.  That put me outside for a bit. ANYWAY.

My point is, I was never sporty.  I didn't do well in kickball or softball or basketball or whatever. I got by, but nobody was dying to have me on their team. I learned how to ride a bike, but pretty much only because it was, you know, a rite of passage.  Other stuff in my youth I just did not pick up on, stuff like jumping rope or learning to hula hoop.  So it kind of surprised me that I would even want to try this thing, but try it I did, and turns out, I like it!

So I'm sure when you were a kid, you played with Hula Hoops every now and then. Me, I did, but only in a limited way. I never did learn how to keep it going around and around over and over again for more than like, two seconds.  But I've been trying to switch things up in my fitness plan, and decided to take a chance on one of these things when they went on sale.  What is it?


Yep, that's a weighed Hula Hoop.  The idea is, you wear it, you "hoop" for twenty  minutes or so a few days a week, and it's supposed to help you shift some weight.  Now I admit I'm always skeptical of these things, but I decided to give it a try because 1. it was cheap and 2. if it gets me moving a little more, why not?


It connects piece by piece, and as you go, you take out pieces to make it fit.  I've been using mine for about a week and half now.  At first, it was TORTURE because I just couldn't get it to keep going around in a circle for more than like, a minute.  But eventually, after keeping at it for a few days, I totally can!

What I'll do is my normal stuff on the exercise bike (about a half an hour/forty five minutes), then later in the evening I'll watch some TV while I do the HH thing.  And by golly, if I didn't keep going without dropping it or stopping for a full segment/commercial break of North Woods Law this weekend.  That's 15/20 minutes or so, and I didn't even notice at first!  And you know what, it's kinda fun once you get the hang of it (it's a little loud, but I don't mind that).  I don't think it'll, you know, make me super skinny instantly, but I figure if it's fun and keeps me moving, I'll keep doing it.

Have you ever tried a something to help you exercise that you were a little skeptical about? Did it work out, or did it bomb?  Have you tried something that worked out well enough that you'd recommend it?

Hoopingly yours,

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