I'm sure you've heard of all the variations of this same idea. Back in the day, I remember it being a big deal that you could wear JEANS on Friday or something.  Now, it appears there have been a lot of changes in how workplaces function.


Which is great, really.  They're adapting and changing to fit what works now, post pandemic.  A lot of places have decided to have more flexible work from home options, some do four day work weeks, some do "Casual Fridays" or taking every other Friday off.  One company, called Exos (they're a fitness company) proposes to do something a little different.

At Exos, a fitness and coaching firm, the majority of employees work four days and then have what the company calls a “You Do You” Day—one where they can take time off, catch up on work, or attend to personal matters. The pilot started last spring for its 3,500 employees, with the majority getting a full day each week to plan as they want.

I mean, it SOUNDS like a great idea, right?  If you've got kids, that means you've got a set "appointment day".  You know, so you don't have to take off all your PTO every time your kid needs to see the doctor.   Or if YOU wanna see the doctor.  No rushing back after a lunchtime appointment.  No meetings, no emails, and if you WANT to catch up on your work, nobody can bug you.  You can just put your head down and get it done.  Or work ahead for Monday, or whatever it is you want to do.  Maybe you want to sleep til after lunch.  Maybe you want to get up early and do Yoga or something, I don't know.

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I've seen variants on this before, and some of them worked, some didn't.  I remember one time a company had a "forced day off" where you had to take one day every two weeks off unpaid, and if your work wasn't done.... everyone else had to do it.  So it didn't really save anybody any time, because the people who were covering for the person who was off had to work late.   And I've been in jobs that were in a competitive environment, who would "punish you but not" if you took your time off.  Like, you could take your day off, but if something happened while you were gone, well, screw you then.  It was very frustrating to be in a commission based job and see your commission fly out the window because your customer came in on your day off instead of on the day you made an appointment with them. Like, "You said you'd come in Thursday! Why did you come in on Tuesday?!"


But this, this seems like it work, because it's Everybody.  Everyone gets the same day, the same time.  And I like that if you don't need the time, you don't have to take it, but the option is there.  The only thing I would make sure is that everyone is paid for that day, you know?

What do you think?  Would you want a "You Do You Friday" or are you more old school?

Casually yours,


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