Well, guys, I don't know about you, but I TRY to be a safe driver. I mean, I know nobody is trying to be out there causing damage and whatnot.  After all, nobody wants to pay money out of pocket or go to jail or any of the bad things that happen as a consequence of that.

So I do my darndest to drive safely, and I do get a bit of ribbing for it.  NJ says I drive like a "UPS Driver", meaning I try to avoid turning left.   But I swear, it is not because I'm afraid or anything like that.  It's just that I have a distinct lack of patience in this town for making left turns without a light.  I just get frustrated, sitting there, waiting for someone to let you in, and they hardly ever do.


So I'd rather take an alternate route.  Like, if I'm travelling to the People's Republic of Walton, I'll take Main Street up to Winchester, if I'm coming from home.  If I'm coming from work, I'll get off of Limit as soon as I can with the turn signal on 16th, and I'll go up to Winchester from there.  If I can, I avoid doing anything that would make me or anyone else nervous about driving.

Which brings me to the main idea of what we're discussing today.  Turning out of the Post Office.  Now before I begin, can I just say, I love everybody that works there.  They've always been super nice and patient, and even if they're dealing with an unhappy customer around me, they're super chill.  Just the other day I walked in, got in line, mindin' my own.  A lady was waiting at the counter, and was clearly staring daggers at me.  Not sure if it was because of my job or maybe because of the hair (it's blue at the moment), who knows.  Doesn't matter.  I ignored it (you'd be surprised how often it happens, if I'm being honest), but it was pretty blatant.  And the lady at the Post Office who helped me was super sweet in spite of it.  So I appreciated that.

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ANYWAY.  SO, just to be clear, this isn't about anybody that works there.

For the longest time, you couldn't turn left out of the Post Office. You had to make a right turn, and it wasn't so bad.  I mean, it was fine.  But then, as the years went on, a four way stop was put in at that intersection (improvement!) and the "no left turn" was taken down.  So now, you totally could turn left... something I'd never seen in my forty odd years.


But I swear, turning left out of that place is DURN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE.  You know what I mean.  Sure, you can do it, and it works, but almost every time I'm waiting til nobody is around when I make that turn.  Because when I do, I never ever line up exactly where I'm supposed to.  I could turn right in order to turn left, and I'm STILL in the middle of the dang road.  Luckily it's almost never a problem, but it bothers me.  I hate turning and not being in the proper lane.  So most of the time, I ignore it.  But... surely somebody has a better way to do this.

It seems like no matter how I come out of the Post Office, I'm always making that wide turn.  And okay, I guess I could try to go out the other way, but.... come on.  THAT IS MADNESS.  That's the entrance.  You can't go in through the out door.  Well. Sure, I could do that if the place was deserted, but... that would feel,...just wrong.

So my question is,.... is this something we're all just, accepting?  I don't know if there's something to be done about it, per se.  But it's not just me, right?  Everybody has this problem?  Are we just going to agree to cut each other some slack at that intersection?


Turningly yours,

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