I know that a lot of us deal with stress on a day to day basis. It's something to think about, because this month is National Stress Awareness month. Although, honestly...we're all kind of already aware of it, right? I mean, it just comes with life.  But I didn't know we worried more than everyone else! Apparently we do in fact, stress out and worry quite a bit here in Missouri.  According to a survey of about 12,000 Americans (divided out by state, everybody got an equal amount of people), Missourians worry more than three hours a DAY.

Those in the Show-Me state spend three hours and 18 minutes per day worrying due to stress, which was more than any other state.  Interestingly enough, Missourians’ stressors aligned with the rest of the nation: when asked to pick which categories they were most stressed about, finances came out as No. 1.

You can read more about it here if you want.  It might stress you out, though.


I get it, I totally do.  We're all stressed about finances to some degree.  Yeah, there are some of us living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to get by, and you naturally worry.  But over three hours a day?! That seems like a lot.  Well, I guess it's not all at once, is it? It's probably spread over the day.  So if you're at work for eight hours, sleeping for eight hours, and home for eight hours... you're probably worrying about stuff about 12 minutes an hour.  Well, that assumes you're not worrying in your sleep, you might be for all I know.

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Twelve minutes an hour?! Actually.... that might seem just about right.  Is it our nature as Missourians? Does it go hand in hand with our "Show Me" skepticism? Like we are skeptical that we'll have a positive outcome in our worries?  Maybe.


What do you think?  What are some of your stressors or top worries?

Stressingly yours,

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