So as you may or may not remember (I know Deb remembers), I have been doing some work on my house.  

And well, some of that work has to be done by professionals.  NJ and I did a good job on the foyer, but Dad, NJ and I bit the bullet and decided to hire pros for the next bit. I mean, we did a good job but....


Basically, the house is super old.  Like, it was built in 1920.  So it still has the old electrics, the old walls, everything.  And the plaster was cracking, the insulation had long fallen out, it was just time, you know?

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So that started a whole process.  What is the deal with contractors, anyway?  Like, I called at least fifteen companies and left messages.  I got return calls from maybe five.  I set appointments with five of those for estimates, and only three showed up.  One of them ghosted me - he set the appointment and just never showed.  One showed and said he'd email me an estimate, but never did. One showed up and was fine, and another showed up and did something weird.  Well, I mean, it was fine, but for some reason towards the end he...  untucked his shirt and like, showed me his belly?  It was a little odd. When I told my Dad about it, he was like, "Huh. Was now the time to.... get comfortable?"  Well, fear not, guys.  I totally lucked out and found a great team.  Anyway, I ended up going with an amazing company (not a sponsor). Here's how it went.

Professional Interlude

So as you can see, we've made some progress.  But now, of course, there's.... the rest of it.  Painting.  Stripping the woodwork, staining it, and then putting it back on piece by piece.  And the carpet, that's going to need cleaning.  Not to mention the clean up.


And that doesn't even mention, you know, putting everything back.

But, even though I can't 'officially' endorse them (YET, hopefully), I will happily tell anyone personally who wants to talk to me about the company I hired. They finished the work sooner than they said they would, put up with a rather embarrassing anxiety/panic attack I had, and did me a huge solid with the bathroom. Seriously. Call me at the stations or email or whatever and I'll be happy to elaborate.

Oh, and make sure you go and see Roxanne and the Sedalia Lowe's Pro Desk. She was great and helped me a lot, and she's gonna help us with the paint and all that. And thanks to Rad Disposal, they made the process of getting and emptying the dumpster super easy.  It was nice to have another thing NOT to worry about, you know?

Now... to the rest of it.  Wish me luck. I'll need it.

Repairingly yours,

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