What would you say is the most painful type of sting or bug bite you've ever had?
I've been stung by a bee before, when I was a kid.  I remember it plain as day, in my Grandfather's farm out in Smithton.  I was helping him open a gate out to a field and a bee got me on my ring finger. And also when I was little, my sister got stung by a hornet.  I know NJ has been stung by a wasp or two.  He hates those things with a mighty passion.  Like, if he knows one is outside, he's stepping out two fisting it with bug spray.  But I guess it's different for everybody.

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A new poll found the most common answer is the sting from a HORNET. But wasp is a close second, so we're right in there with all of ya'll.

98% of people who've been stung by a hornet say it was painful, including 61% who said VERY painful. The rest of the top five are wasps, yellowjackets, fire ants, and jellyfish.


They also looked at every type of bug or critter you can think of, and asked people if they've been stung or bitten by one before:

1. Mosquito, 91%.

2. Bee, 75%.

3. Wasp, 52%.

4. Flea, 51%.

5. Fire ant, 46%.

Okay, as far as I know, I have not dealt with fire ants.  It certainly SOUNDS like the kind of thing I would, you know, definitely know about if I had encountered them.  BUT.  I have dealt with my fair share of 'skeeters and fleas.  I went to the big volunteer day not that long ago, and brought back FLEAS into my house.  Big time.  Like, it went from zero to terrible in like, a week. Me, NJ, Kitten, Figs, we all got bit up to heck and back.  Luckily it's on the way to being okay - we had the house treated, got the kitties taken care of, but.  Dang, this one was harsh.  Like, I got eaten up to heck and back.

So what was your worst summer time bug encounter?  Were you bitten by something, stung by something, or did you have to fight some infestations in your house or yard?

Buggily yours,

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