So admittedly, I've been a little stressed lately. Most of that is because I'm about knee deep in a DIY project at my house.  My carpets are filthy (the man is coming next week), there's dust everywhere, my bathroom didn't have hot water for a whole weekend, and there's so much more left to do.   Scraping, sanding, painting, and all the stuff I've gotta buy.  It's never ending.


So of course, I'm a little bit on alert these days.  Because I've been buying materials and whatnot, and you know how it is these days on the internet.  The ads find you based on what you're searching/buying, but... the scammers find you, too.

I've gotten messages from "wrong numbers" before, but this one surprised me a little. I got texted his photo, without any message, on the morning of April 27th.


I didn't respond.

Now, it COULD have been something nice, like when a wrong photo went to The Wood family from Sedalia.  You remember that?  It was like, years ago.  It could have just been a wrong number.  Or, it could be a scam.

So I did a reverse image search.

And I found...nothing.


Nothing based on her face, nothing on the background, just shopping links to find pants similar to the ones she's wearing.  So if anyone was trying to get me to buy something, that... might have worked.  But if someone was looking to get me to start texting with "her", so they could ask me for money later?

I looked up the phone number, too.  It came back to a number close to a woman named Sharon from Illinois.  But Sharon is 53.  There ain't no way the lady in this photo is 53.


So that says to me, this is phishing.  This is someone trying to get my attention by duping a number, sending a photo of a young, attractive woman, and hoping I'll bite.

In all honesty, I have been watching/listening to the new Seventeen song the past few days, so I'm sure someone got that information and decided to try to scam me by trying to focus on the idea of me liking K-Pop. Which seems, you know, kinda racist, not to mention lazy.

Nah, son.  I'm good.

Honestly, if it was a simple mistake, I'm okay with that.  I'm not a person that needs to correct every person on their errors.  So I just let it go.

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Now going forward, I would also encourage all of you to do the same. I know sometimes it ends up being a cute story, but... I just wouldn't trust it if I were you. Not with the way AI and scammers are getting so much better at every turn.

So while I might not have solved the mystery of the lady in the beige pants, I have marked myself safe from scammers today.

Scammily yours,

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