Guys, in general, we're a happy little group over here at Townsquare Media.  We're not a big group at the moment, not that we've ever been, you know, a huge squad. 

At the moment, we're about eight of us in the building at any given time.   Everyone has their own space, people go out and do work, come back, etc. You know, normal stuff.  It's not a crowded space, but it has been pretty much the same for ages.  Three studios, one production room, a newsroom, a conference room, four offices, a space for some cubicles, and two bathrooms.

Nothing crazy.

But I have my own little office with all my weird stuff, and nobody really bats an eye.  I guess I'm allowed to be "eccentric" because I'm "The Talent".  Sorry.  That's what it's really called.


So imagine my surprise when I got an officemate.  In all my time working here, I've never had to share an office.  Nobody wanted to share with me.  It's just a small room with kinda terrible insulation, a handful of houseplants, and a lot of pictures of BTS in it.

But no.  Now I have to share my space with... my new co-worker.  She's fine.  She's in her late sixties.  Quiet, but... has a real micromanagement style. Like, she wants to know everything I'm doing at every opportunity!   She's always poking her nose into what I'm writing, or if I'm snacking at my desk, or if I'm going out during the day.

And I wouldn't mind so much, but... she doesn't do anything.  She just sits around and takes up space while I do all the work.  I know you guys are probably thinking I'm being petty and a horrible co-worker.  But I have PROOF.


See? I was on my computer, trying to type up Police Reports, and what does she do?  She has to get up all in my business!


AND SHE FOLLOWED ME TO THE STUDIO?  I mean, come on.  My boss doesn't even do that.


How can someone type, when you're sitting on the keyboard and mouse.  Huh?

And she leaves her lunch all over the place! We have a breakroom, you know?!


Well, just in case you haven't clocked it.... I'm joking.  Kitten, my cat is with me for a bit!  Now don't freak out, I did check with people to make sure it was okay.  But so far, all she's done is follow me around and/or hide.  So it's been fine.

Basically my house is being torn all up by contractors, and rather than have someone pet sit her or get a pet hotel, I asked if I could bring her to work while they do  their thing.  And she's been doing pretty good, when she's not demanding that I pet her when I'm, you know, busy working.

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She's been coming with me for a few days, and she's getting used to it.  She hides still, but she's getting braver.  Hopefully all will be back to normal soon and she can spend her days napping on my bed.  She loves the pets and the attention, but... she hates the car ride.  I get it, she's older for a cat (13 years old, which in pet years in 68 - that's why I said that earlier).   She'll be alright though. Still a cutie with a loud purr.

So, tell me all about the office pets you have in your experiences!  Pics are encouraged.

Officingly yours,

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