Guys, I don't know about you, but I'm out here on these roads on the regular. I wasn't a big driver in recent years (my poor little 2015 Toyota still hasn't hit 50k miles), but now that I'm dating NJ, I drive a little more.

Rather than the occasional road trip out of state, I'm making regular trips down to Boone County on the weekends.  And I've... well.  I've remembered why I don't love driving in Missouri sometimes. I'm not saying it's all Missouri drivers, don't get it twisted.


I have seen some of you guys out there, doing this stuff.

In fact, I'll tell you a quick little story time about what made me write this post.  I was driving back from Columbia on I-70, and there was a little brand new Jeep in the left lane from maybe.... Boonville to the Marshall exit.  Just chillin.  I was driving in the right lane, maybe four or five car lengths behind. He'd be bopping along, someone would drive up behind him, and he'd move into the right lane.  Then, when the car passed.... he'd go right back to the left lane.   I KNOW.  IT'S MADNESS.

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I wondered, "I always thought you couldn't do that, isn't that illegal?" Which lead me to the internet, which lead me here.

So let's just set the record straight here and now.


So here are six not great things Missouri drivers do - and only three of them are illegal.  And honestly, they might not be the ones you think.

Legal Or Illegal?


What are some driving habits you've noticed in Missouri that you WISH were illegal?

Drivingly yours,

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